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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Atn: John Elliott

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sat Mar 6 21:12:00 2004

> > > >
> > > > I had the chance to me John Elliot about a year and a half ago. Spent a couple of hours with him while he worked with a high school player. John Elliot told me Jack knew and had taught him more about hitting than any person he had ever met. Nick
> > >
> > > Thank you, Nick. Now do you you have any other questions about Jack's reputation, Teacherman?
> >
> > I too would like to hear from Mr. Elliott. In the meantime i would like to go on record as oppposing Teacherman, Nyman or any other "hero" attacking Jack's credentials. Of course, when you are the leader of the pack in any field, there is always someone trying to tear you down. But Jack, you can take comfort in the fact that despite all of the slings and arrows, you and your theories have withstood the test of time and scrutiny. I have noticed that other other websites are incorporating your theories. They are simply, instead of giving you credit are instead calling it something else ("scap loading" and stuff like that).
> Even though I sometimes disagree with Jack, overall I would have to agree that Nyman, Teacherman, Epstein and Huggens are all at least one step below Jack. Maybe if they ever put in the research jack has done over the years they will be in the same league as Jack, but as of right now Jack is in league all by himself!

You have no knowledge of the amount of reseach put in by the competing gurus. Your claim is unfounded. What you know is Jack looked at many videos for several years. Then, hand a scientist endorse his findings. Now, do some research and find out what the competing gurus have done.


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