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THT /vs/ scap stuff

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol.com) on Sun Mar 7 05:32:39 2004

I have tried them both. Loading the scap will not cause/help/create THT.
The following does work for me and I seem to see it on most MLB hitters....... When a player cocks his hands toward the pitcher in front of his body as he takes his stride( or starts from a vertical bat position) some interesting things seem to happen. You cannot hit from there so you begin to move the bat to the launch point as your hips begin to rotate open. The next move that follows naturally is the bat begins to move around the rear shoulder more inside the target line. You do see rear elbow internal rotation to facilitate this and a bat barrel path that does go to the catcher. This bat path creates some "good" inertia that gets the hips first creating torque.

Your hands can be a cue and a physical initiator but not " knob to the ball" If you cock them in front of the body as you begin your stride you cannot go "knob to the ball"...they will automatically follow Jacks pathway. Thinking "scap load" will not work to get that bat path IMHO.


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