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Re: Who knows more?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Mar 7 15:05:53 2004

>>> Hey guys you seem to have a problem understanding so I'll set the record straight.1. I never said Nyman is my hero all I said is that with his engineering background he knows a hell of a lot amore about hitting than Jack or any of you other peons.Dont misinterpret that as a dig at you, it's not a dig, just a fact. 2. Even though behind the scenes I have a role at Setpro, when I come to this site it is not as an adviser to setpro its as a teacher with a genuine interest in teaching the unlearned.3 I still do not know who John Elliott is, and I still do not know what the heck you mean by top hand torque and frankly I dont think any of you know either.
Now I was straight with you, so you be straight with me: do you want my input or not, because if you dont I will take my knowledge to other places where is appreciated. <<<

Hi Teacherman

Your opinions carry very little weight with me, therefore, I accept your offer to place your post where you would be appreciated. I will reserve my commits for Paulís reply.


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