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Re: Re: Revised Swing Mechanics Page

Posted by: rql () on Mon Mar 8 10:35:15 2004

> Hi Tom
> >
> > That is all fine and well. But as and end result, does “scap loading” accelerate the bat differently than top-hand-torque?
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Here is an old description of THT that I think has stood the test of time:
> http://www.setpro.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000243
> Missouridad posted that here,but I can't find that post.
> This was similar to the oarlock analogy of the top hand staying back with the shoulder as initiation proceeded with the bottom hand working around the top hand.This is seen well in the Bonds clip:
> http://www.youthbaseballcoaching.com/mpg/Bonds01.mpeg
> I would agree that the bat is accelerated by torquing between the hands,but scap loading starts before this and continues into the CHP part of the swing.Loading needs to be ongoing,THT happens while the loading is ongoing.Scap loading starts as the bat is cocked(internal rotation of back arm,horizontal adduction of back scap).Prelaunch THT is mainly via some external rotation of the back arm and some extension of the back arm in the shoulder socket while the scapula continues to horizontally adduct/pinch a little.THT at initiation is created by the top hand staying at the shoulder as the back scap continues to pinch/horizontally adduct
> and the back arm continues to extend/externally rotate some while the lead arm pull creates torque using the top hand as an oarlock.This is shoulder tilt part of drop and tilt that along with the turning of the bat allows the hands to stay back assiting the last bit of body torquing/twisting as the CHP starts before uncoiling begins.The shoulders lock with the torso and the uncoiling/reversal starts followed quickly by hooking of the handpath.
> If you think in terms of a 3 arc model,the hips and bathead are turning first as the hands/torso stay back.The torso then starts to turn(CHP),but slower than the hips are opening so coiling continues,then the uncoiling/dynamic untwisting starts/connecting to drive the rotational part of the swing.then the handpath hooks.
> My thought on this is that scap load or pinch puts the shoulders in a position to more fully rotate[apply rotation over a longer distance,or more degree of rotation around a circle.Then tht as I understand it is applied where the elbow slots pulling the top hand back as the lead shoulder applies rotation pulling the bottom hand forward,thus torque early[tht].Seems like the lead shoulder pull here is what keeps the hands ahead of the slotting elbow as swing evolves.


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