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RIght hand bees?

Posted by: Matt () on Mon Mar 8 14:36:46 2004

Hi all. I had an odd experience in the cages
this weekend.

I've been trying to implement rotation in my
swing. Suffice it to say, I think my swing has
improved (over my old linear lunge
down-on-the-ball disaster of a swing), but I
have a ways to go yet.

Yesterday I hit maybe 70 balls off live pitching
immediately after watching the video again
and tried my darndest to implement THT, BHT,
and the rest. When I did, I noticed something I
never had happen before- I got some serious
bees from my (aluminum) bat in ONLY my top
(right) hand.

It only happened on maybe 5-6 balls that I hit
far from the sweet spot (and in general, I was
happy with how I was hitting)- but I don't
remember having that happen before, where I
only felt the sting in one hand. I don't peel a
hand off after contact, ala Charley Lau- but
then again that'd be the OTHER hand, and that
wouldn't happen until AFTER contact. And I
don't think I'm doing anything weird like
holding my hands far apart, or that the bat's

Any ideas?



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