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Re: QUESTION on pitching programs

Posted by: kevin () on Tue Mar 9 18:10:08 2004

I know this is a hitting forum,and youz guyz are very sharp in hitting fundamentals,,,,but which pitching program, course,etc,would you reccomend for youth players

I was in a similar postion a year ago. I played a lot of baseball growing up, but never pitched. I found the most information on three different websites.

Dr. Mike Marshall is quite radical in his theories. He has a new video due out in the next few weeks / or months that I plan on purchasing. He describes everything in a free online book, but it is very difficult to follow. He has an online forum where he answers questions. He believes the traditional pitching motion leads to inevitable arm problems. It is even worse for young arms, with growth plate damage possible.

The SETPRO website has old pitching forum posts free to the public. They are a bit dated, but still informative. There is a wealth of information there. They have current forums, but if you would like to join in, you have to pay. From what I can tell, they sell training equipment packages containg a video on how to analyze pitching video. Someone out there can correct me if I'm wrong.

The last website I found with a lot of information was Dr. John Bagonzi's site. There is a public forum with questions and answers. He sells a book that can be bought on the website, at a Border's, or through Amazon for about $25.

I have read a lot in the last year, and have reallized that there is little agreement between any of the pitching coaches. The only thing that most website posters share is a dislike for Tom House and, ESPECIALLY, Dick Mills. When reading through all of the information, I try to remember who is talking and what they are trying to sell.

I can't recommend anybody, but I hope this will be useful in your search.


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