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Re: Re: Re: Revised Swing Mechanics Page

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Wed Mar 10 07:31:21 2004

> > My thought on this is that scap load or pinch puts the shoulders in a position to more fully rotate[apply rotation over a longer distance,or more degree of rotation around a circle.Then tht as I understand it is applied where the elbow slots pulling the top hand back as the lead shoulder applies rotation pulling the bottom hand forward,thus torque early[tht].Seems like the lead shoulder pull here is what keeps the hands ahead of the slotting elbow as swing evolves.


Give this a try.

If you want to emphasize the pinch/how much you can use the shoulder pinch to point the back elbow back toward the dugout,notice how much MORE you can pinch if the arms are internally rotated to begon with.This same principle applies in throwing.If you don't get the arm internally rotated in the shoulder socket first,the degree to which you pinch is much less causing less loading and connection and also making it hard for the bat to swing directly/easily into the forming swing/power plane.

Fool around with internally/extrenally rotating the arms THEN see how much you can pinch.I think the more you pinch the better-better load-better bat trajectory,BUT you will be limited by a "shoulder bind" (analagous to the wrist bind JAck describes from incompatible grip/arm action)if you have not internaly rotated the arm first.The joint just can't mechanically work any other way.


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