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Debate Will Never Lead Us to the Answer-Becasue There Isn't One

Posted by: KSTEVENS () on Wed Mar 10 08:44:24 2004

Dear Mr. BHL:

You stated in your recent post:

"I believe that the only way to avoid hostile posts is to compromise whenever you discuss another individual's ideas on this site."

You then continued...

"Let's face it: there is only one way to swing a bat"

Maybe I am wrong, but this doesn't sound to me like someone who is willing to compromise. Nor do I understand the purpose of having a discussion board if certain philosophies are "barred," shall we say, from discussion. The purpose of this board, or any other, is to discuss, DEBATE, learn, and possibly even come to an agreement on some aspects of the baseball swing. And no... there is NOT only one way to swing a bat. If this were the case then there would be no disagreement or arguement over whose philosophy is correct because... there would be only ONE "correct" way. We all agree that there are certain "constants" that tend to be present in the swings of all "good" hitters, but like anything else there will always be exceptions. The purpose of analyzing the swing is to identify the techniques that have yielded the most success. Nonetheless, every hitter must be coached individually and allowed to explore what works best for him. Maybe it's me, but I couldn't care less whether my number three hitter is using Mankin's or Nyman's philosophy if their consistently producing. How about you?


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