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Re: A Consensus?

Posted by: Dave (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Wed Mar 10 10:51:43 2004


I have a question more about your 90 degree open front foot then the ideology of this site.

If the foot opens up 90 degrees the hips are allowed to rotate too long before they (the hips) start to slow down for the efficient energy transfer through to the other body parts (torso-shoulders-hands-bat). IF the shoulders have started to rotate before this energy transfer is started the maximal power is not generated (x-factor stretch). You must slow down the hip rotation prior to shoulder rotation in order for the shoulders to catch up to the hips for maximum batspeed at contact with the ball.

Do you have some other thoughts that would sway my position on the subject.

We must always ask WHY after you see a new technique or drill in order to verify its validity. An answer is not BECAUSE IT WORKS but WHY DOES IT WORK or WHY SHOULD IT WORK.



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