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Re: Re: issues

Posted by: Curt () on Wed Mar 10 21:23:58 2004

Hi Jack,
> >
> > I just read some of the posts on Nyman's site and I was amazed at his audacity and complete lack of respect towards other people's beliefs. I do not know the man and I think he is trying to help people and that's great. But to be so negative and condescending toward Jack is inappropriate. To be honest, Jack has as much validity as anyone. I just received my Masters in Exercise Science. If someone uses different terminology and it is confusing, does that make him wrong? Why do people think they invented the baseball swing or pitching mechanics? Jack has just accurately defined what happens, and how to help teach it at this point. I think Jack is always looking to improve and help. I am sure the other hitting instructors are to. So my advice is to BE NICE.
> Hey John,
> You're a wise man... when a person defends himself some times they have to be "offensive". how much more effective would Paul be if he didn't have a bug up his ass? i'm not sure... but i ignore his ranting and try to gleen some of his info. example: he mentions INTENTION quite often in his teachings. being a student of philosophy i understand what the POWER OF INTENTION can bring to the table and was impressed that Paul understood as well.
> Everyone has a choice each MOMENT of their lives to feel joy or not. i choose to feel joy as often as i can remember too. Paul for some reason chooses not to in most of his posts... but that's his choice isn't it. and if we let it bother us then that's our choice isn't it. i choose not to let Paul and most anything get under my skin. therefore rendering them powerless over me... joy is my goal, peace, Rich

Excellent post Rich. I feel much the same way. I would still like to know how backwards chaining(reductive) and intent(dynamic systems) can be espoused by the same individual, guess he cant make up his mind. Maybe thats where all the anger comes from.


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