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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Scientific Hitting

Posted by: Art () on Thu Mar 11 07:58:58 2004

'tis ... the "Bible" (no religious offense meant to anyone). :-)
> > > >
> > > > In a few years, I look forward to passing my copy onto my son, and replacing mine.
> > >
> > > his overall theme is that hips lead the way.....that's ok but he does not get into the "how-to-do-it" details like we do at this site or the other site....
> >
> > grc, He knew how to do it and passed along the information that a young hitter needs. The "how to do it" details that I read are of very little value in the batters box. That happens when people who were not hitters try to teach hitting.......they start explaining things about the swing that they think the hitter feels, except the hitter does not feel them. To brush off Williams, shows that you did not spend much time in the batters box learning how to hit.
> >
> > Doug
> Ditto.

What is everyone getting so sensitive about Williams? True, he was a great hitter, just not a great author.His book was good about the mental aspect of hitting (hitting YOUR pitch), but , kust like most other major leaguers he was not good in articulating the HOW of hitting.You can go ahead and make personal insults at me too if you disagree but if your entire theory of hitting is based on Williams than your baseball career will be/was about as shallow as the substance of his book.


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