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Re: Hitting Tools

Posted by: Rich (Holland608@cs.com) on Thu Mar 11 17:02:13 2004

My son is 12 years old and I am searching for techniques and devices that can be used to develop and reinforce excellent hitting mechanics.
> I am new to this board and would appreciate any feedback. Do hitting devices such as the instructo-swing and qswing reinforce sound and proper hitting mechanics. I am not a hitting expert, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey Zach,

The instruto-swing is bad.

You need to SEE what a good rotational swing looks like in order to help your son. 1) buy Mankin's tape. 2) teach son Circular Hand Path and Bottom Hand Torque. 3) buy Epstein's tape. 4) teach son prelaunch stretch and front elbow up as front shoulder rotates up immediately on torso pull. 4) teach son Top Hand Torque and separation of hips and shoulders(Epstein does a nice job also). 5) now let son put it all together in a way that FEELS right for him. the end result will be a swing that is smooth, loose and ever-accelerating to contact.

You must learn to teach. it's your responsibility to teach your son. if there are aspects that are confusing ask on here and everyone will help. take the advice that makes sense to you. all the best, Rich


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