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Re: Re: Let's All Make Amends

Posted by: Hugh () on Fri Mar 12 17:09:15 2004

Hi all,
> >
> > I am fully cognizant of how this site allows opinions that relate to the mechanics of the swing to be posted. Lately, though, it seems as if we are created enough internal difference to rip this whole board to shreds. More precisely, we are on the brink of creating civil wars between Mankin, Epstein, and Nyman adherents. If this occurs, we will no longer be united, for the reason that there will be three opposing sects trying to control the board, one trying to depose the other two, and rule the Batspeed.com kingdom. If this occurs, who is to say that disagreements within sects will not create a further schism among members? This can lead to even further dissent, as the fragmented sects continue to fragment over subjective issues, such as batting style.
> >
> > Now, I understand that some might say that I started this whole ordeal the instant I began praising Nyman, preaching Epstein's cues. Well, I do accept full responsibility for my role. Furthermore, I have already apologized to Nyman for making blind accusations that he lifted his idea of "scap loading" from someone else. Interesting to note, we made our amends and went on. Now it's time that all of us do the same, before we all turn against each other, and wipe this site off the face of the web.
> >
> > One last thought: everybody ought to heed the words of an alien character in Serling's Twilight Zone, featured in an episode entitled "An Occurence at 115th Maple Street." The individuals are very much like us, and they accuse the "other" of being the alien. Meanwhile, from afar, the alien toys with their electrical appliances to create chaos, a subsequent witch hunt, ending in the members of that neighborhood killing each other. If we continue like this, a clever individual might do the same, "and go from one town to the other...one town to the other...one town to the other" (replace town with site).
> >
> > Yet, we are not aliens, and our intention is not to alienate each other, so please, let's stay unified by accepting, rather than attacking, differences of opinion.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > BHL
> > Knight1285@aol.com
> Hi BHL
> You are now a confirmed idealists. Pardon my cynicism, but there are too many things at stake here. Egos, reputation, money, and loyalty all facilitate these actions. Hopefully we all can take a deep breath and lessen the turmoil, but twill never go away completly.
> Also BHL you are a very talented writer, and I hope you go far in those endeavors, but in the meantime on this site can you occasionly speak "dugout" or "lockeroom" to better relate with your audience. Not being sarcastic here, because I think you have a lot to offer.
> Jack- thanks for the freedom, and the wealth of info. you have taught me.

It's impossible because some people can't discuss without being rude , making personal attacks, questioning people's credentials, etc. Just look at the thread on Williams book. A guy asks a question, a guy gives his opinion, and before you know it, credentials are being questioned, people are being told they don't know the game, even major leage hall-of-famers (Schmidt) being run-down, all because some one expressed his opinion on the literary skills of Williams!
Apparently people behave at this board the way they behave in daily life, and you can see it in thread after thread after thread. That's why I make so few appearances here and why I have not offered my thoughts based on my years of experience. Afterall, why should I subject myself to the personal insults? I won't, but I also know that even with this very thread the same old stuff will continue.


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