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Posts must focus on baseball or softball swing mechanics

Posted by: BatSpeed.com (support@batspeed.com) on Fri Mar 12 23:29:50 2004

Hello all:

As you all know, we have an open discussion board, meaning that you do not have to have an account to post. The board in toggle mode (delay) to allow us to cut out the chat room style bickering, which does not serve the purpose of this board and takes the focus off of baseball and softball swing mechanics. As such, we are reaffirming our position that posts/threads may not be accepted if they do not focus entirely on baseball and softball. Chat room style rhetoric, harassment, degrading of others or just plain bickering is not welcome. Therefore, when a post/thread does not meet these requirements or degenerates into this type of conduct, the entire post/thread may be removed for the betterment of the board.

Posts that disagree with the ideas presented on this site or the ideas of others will be accepted as long as they comply with the rules above. As Jack Mankin has often reaffirmed, he will debate anyone regarding batting principles. Many of you have the same belief and willingness to discuss the swing. After all, this is a discussion board and debate is welcome, but we request that posts have tact and civility and discuss ideas/theories.

We will do our best to keep the focus on baseball and softball and that should make the board enjoyable to read and learn from others. If we can answer any additional questions, please email us.



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