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Re: Re: suggestion

Posted by: Rich (Holland608@cs.com) on Sat Mar 13 15:12:56 2004

To Batspeed.com administration
> Is it possible to add an "ignore" feature to the board? Many boards have them, they allow each user to personalize settings. You can choose to ignore certain users, and their posts won't even show up when you open the board. If that isn't a costly or difficult option, some people might find it valuable, and it certainly cuts down on vitriol because people can easily avoid those they dislike or find bombastic or offensive, or whatever.
> Melvin<<<
> Hi Melvin:
> Good question. In addition to an ignore feature, I like discussion boards that use favorites feature so that you can skip to threads that interest you, and a "read" feature so that you know what you have already looked at.
> The discussion board that we are using is a few years old and does not have these features. We occassionally discuss whether we should switch to a different style board, and we have presented this questions to the viewers, but ultimately we have stuck with this format.
> Presently, we are considering adding an extensive FAQ section. Is this something that you or anyone else would be interested in?
> BatSpeed.com


Would the FAQ section have answers from various archieved responses? or would it be an open forum to get current answers from the MANY different points of view? either way i'm all for it. regards, Rich


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