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Re: Re: Gwynn analysis of Bonds swing

Posted by: Rich () on Sat Mar 13 21:00:32 2004

Check this out. Pretty good frame-by-frame, with some audio commentary by Tony Gwynn. He sounds like he's promoting something on an infomercial! Very enthusiastic.
> >
> > http://www.usatoday.com/sports/gallery/bonds/flash.htm
> Great swing. Poor commentary.

> You are correct, sir. i think the only thing he correctly identified was that his head didn't move... "top hand goes along for the ride" what? the top hand is supinating outwards rotating the bathead out into the plane of the ball... "the bottom hand is pulling the bat" well kinda. it's holding the bat but the front shoulder is doing the pulling. Great swing. it's the model i use to teach. take care, Rich


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