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video and search engine

Posted by: ray porco () on Sun Mar 14 04:48:24 2004

"... I like discussion boards that use favorites feature so that you can skip to threads that interest you, and a "read" feature so that you know what you have already looked at."

"... We occassionally discuss whether we should switch to a different style board, and we have presented this questions to the viewers, but ultimately we have stuck with this format."

"...Presently, we are considering adding an extensive FAQ section. Is this something that you or anyone else would be interested in?"


personally, i feel that your money would be better spent if you added video posting capabilities and a search engine.

99% of arguements here, are the result of either not being able to express verbally what you see physically, or not being able to understand it (batspeed.com included).

most FAQ's sound simple, but actually need very complex and detailed answers. and who would provide the answer? batspeed. are there not differing views on just about every aspect of the swing? a search engine would provide anyone (anyone who truly WANTS to know)the opportunity to research.

ray porco


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