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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hitting Tools

Posted by: Rich () on Mon Mar 15 21:05:26 2004

You may be right... however, since 95% of the coaches/instructors teach some form of linear hitting it may be hard for this gentleman to find a decent one...
> Where are you getting this statistic from? I do not agree.

> Local survey from the midwest... i've read other posters sight similar percentages, could have been 90% plus or minus. as i get older things blend together. non the less the real point is he needs to know what the rotational swing looks like if he sincerely wants to help his son.

Case in point, this past weekend i got to talk with a professional female fastpitch shortstop about her swing. she professed to be a "pure" rotational hitter. i watched her swing and it was a hybrid... she had full rotation of her hips and shoulders, problem was the rotated as a unit... hands came forward and down, etc,etc. of 100 swings not one that had the trajectory to go over the outfielders head. and maybe 20 to 30 six foot hight line drives. she must be fast as hell and one great shortstop.(this was off a T)

So this professional ball player could advertise that she teaches rotational hitting and joe smo takes his son or daughter to learn this great swing because he's heard that it's the only way to go. i'm looking out for my daughter... i know what to look for and even better my daughter knows what to look for. she can now teach herself by looking at her videos.

It all boils down to: how serious is joe smo? regards, Rich


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