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Re: Running?

Posted by: Coach Andy (akpsr45@yahoo.com) on Tue Mar 16 09:51:18 2004

I know this board is for hitting - but I have a boy that can crush a ball - he is money when it comes to moving a runner or scoring a runner, but he cannot run. I am looking for tips on teaching youth players the correct running techniques for baseball. Easy tips or drills for increasing speed. This player runs on heels & straight up, I have noticed his lack of speed compared to other players has become a problem for him this year & I would like to be able to help him ASAP. He is 12yr old & med. build. Thanks for any help or websites that might help.


1) Your guy is only 12 and probably still developing...so relax a little...as he gets older his functional strength will increase and so will his speed.

2) My kid was the same way...here's what we did. Work on leg strength...weightless squats, jump rope, lots of rapid fire step up boxes (about 7 inch box height), lots of squat jumps, ladder drills, and explosion starts...also do lots of ab work...and sprint sprint sprint short distances...maybe 20-30 yards...have him workout 3 times per week and do it with other kids where he can race them. Also do 5 yard shuttles making sure he touches the line.

3) Work on his running form at 1/2 speed, stressing arm mechanics, dorsi-flexion, high knees, and high heel recovery...this will help him generate a "short lever" and increase stride turnover.

4) Don't over train him...but be consistent...3x per week for about an hour...don't expect miracles, but you should expect steady improvement...in a few years if he incorporates speed work into his routine...he'll be a burner!

Good luck.



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