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Re: Re: Re: Bow/arch

Posted by: Hank () on Tue Mar 16 14:44:52 2004

> Can someone speak to the significance of the spine angle and how it can relate to power , pull through, rotation? Is it a teach? Don't see Ep or Jack discuss it but MLB players tend to get down there and explode outward. Am I really seeing this?
> >
> > It adds significantly to ones power. Yes, you are seeing it.
> Sir before you make such a statement "It adds significantly to ones power" I think you should be prepared to back up your statement. You are not dealing with just girl's softball so any "advice" you dispense with could be heeded by hitters who have aspirations for the next level. This is serious stuff even if you may not be so please either retract your statement or back up your statement.

Merv, I agree with you that the poor advice given should was not substantiated but at this site we have a trade off. If just the pros are allowed to give advice then true, we won't be hearing from Doug or Teacherman, but the problem is, we also won't be hearing from Tom or some of the others who do have advice worth listening to. Kind of like throwing out the baby along with the bathwater. Forget about trying to get retractions. These type of outlandish statements have been made before. Gotta take the bad with the good, just learn who has something to offer and who to ignore, you know what I mean?


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