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Re: Re: Re: Re: Dipping of Back Shoulder

Posted by: DM () on Thu Mar 18 18:30:29 2004

I have a couple of 12 year olds on our team who are fine hitters, yet both have the same bad habit of dipping their back shoulder to reach low or outside pitches. Any suggestions of drills to break this habit?
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Fine Hitters - Just a suggestion if they are hitting the ball well & mechanically sound but dip on low BALLS & outside pitches you might concentrate on Pitch Selection. Unless 2 strikes & umpire calling all low balls strikes they should not be swinging anyway. On outside pitches work on waiting & let the ball get deep into the zone. Teach opposite field hitting. Get into a cage & pitch outside, outside, outside make them wait & try to drive ball to right field. Its tuff for most players so let them know that it is not easy, but if they can hit that pitch in a game they will instantly see the benifits of moving or scoring runners.


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