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Re: Re: Who's Linear?

Posted by: dougdinger () on Fri Mar 19 15:33:06 2004

If your son is truely rotational then Metzger never taught him a rotational swing because it's impossible for the top hand to let go before contact. Infact, it should be somewhat loose at contact, and who cares what the hand does afterwards. Isn't contact only for 1/60 of a second? Sounds like one of those follow through coaches............ I think he's confusing linear mechanics as rotational mechanics.

Ask him if he thinks Bonds isn't a contact hitter then. Bonds career BA is 297 over 28 seasons. He hit 262 in just 102 games then hasn't be lower than 292 the 10 previous full seasons. Arod hits for contact, Griffey used to, but he keeps getting injured, Piazza average, Sosa always had a good average, McGwire too.


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