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Re: Who's Linear?

Posted by: Ralph () on Sat Mar 20 18:45:20 2004

I have a friend who "was" my sons coach on a select baseball team but because of a diffence in batting theories we now play for a diffent team. He played college ball and is a very nice man. We are now talking and I've been sending him clips and other rotational info in general. Today, he sent me an email that stated: (The swing you are coaching is a good swing, but wont work for everyone. Keep in mind, it is designed for power, not necessarily for average. He (Bonds)hits alot of homeruns, because that's what he is trying to do.) & (Bat Speed .com. It teaches you to hold on to the bat, and I noticed that Nicki is now letting go at contact with one hand.) ??? he's refering to the top hand. Here's my two questions. 1. Who in the big leagues doesn't swing rotational like explained on this site? 2. How can a batter let go of the bat just prior to contact? Oh, he says he understands rotational hitting because he was taught this by Roger Metzger, who played in the majors a long time but that his avg's went down, though he was able to hit more home runs. I'll ask him to enter this forum and give us some input.

Who is linear? Ichiro is a good example. Who let's go of top ahnd before contact? No one, and even lau Jr doesn't advocate top hand release prior to contact.


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