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Re: Hitting

Posted by: Jimmy D () on Sun Mar 21 15:48:13 2004

Can someone clarify for me where my son should be making contact with with ball in relation to the plate when swinging at an inside pitch, outside pitch & a pitch that's down the middle.
> Thanks.

Inside, contact about 6" in front of plate, middle, about even with home plate, outside, about -6" front front of plate. In the JC league I play in, the trend of the coaching has been to Jack's principles (use of top hand torque and circular hand path). This means that even on an outside pitch hitters are being instructed to use Jack's rotational principles. (Prior to the coaches becoming familiar with jack's principles they had been teaching to "push" the outside pitch the other way. They now realize that there is more batspeed generated by using rotational mechanics to hit the outside pitch up the middle.)


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