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Re: Re: Re: curveballs

Posted by: Fred (Ed@quintco.com) on Mon Mar 22 08:11:17 2004

> > >
> > > I would get the ATEC Hitting Streak or JUGS LITE-FLITE. They both do a good simulation of a breaking ball and they are around $300 dollars.
> > >
> > >Thanks for the info John. I guess I was looking for balls that I could throw so players could read it out of my hand and the ball would actually break. I never could throw a good curveball. Just looking for something that would break with a lot less effort on my arm.
> go to www.eastbay.com and look at the baseball training aids. they have a series of balls you can buy that break due to their weighting and shape.

Look at www.sports-training-aids.com for the easton curveballs


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