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Rotational Swing

Posted by: Trevor Bailey (southpawslingr13@aol.com) on Mon Mar 22 20:41:34 2004

I tried to post once and it didnt show up hopefully it works this time. Im am a 20 year old JUCO player. My coaches think i have a shot of making to higher levels of ball after college. I want to take my swing to the next level. I hit homeruns and hit the ball hard. But i am yet to hit the ball more than 400 feet. I recently went on a trip to florida for some games with my college team(from NY). We had a chance to go to the Expos minor league complex and watch them. I watched BP and it really struck me how much less effort they use and how much further the ball goes. I am a strong guy and some of these guys were smaller than me. I know its not that. It is clearly mechanics. I would like some key things to work on in my swing to develop rotational power. I have read all the stuff on the site. But would like some things to try. I am up for anything.


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