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Re: Jack Mankin is away until next Wednesday

Posted by: TonyD. (tony_desantiago@hotmail.com) on Tue Mar 23 10:37:28 2004


Using THT and gettin on plane has been very difficult for my 13 year old son to do; at least not w/ the kind of torgue we want. I can't wait to read more on this subject.

Oh, what about sending a video's to Jack. I was planning on sending one Monday. Should I wait a couple of weeks or does he have some help in this area?

The last 8 months have been frustrating and grueling but my son is finally starting to blast the ball. "Yahoo!!" I can't believe how effortlessly he's hitting the ball, and far. Sorry, I had to tell somebody because most people in my circle just don't want to know about this "rotational swing stuff". Thanks all.


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