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Re: A Thought for Little League Improvement

Posted by: Mike's mom () on Tue Mar 23 13:30:50 2004

Interesting post BHL. You described my son's LL league to a tee! I solved the problem of getting my son off the bench by signing him up in several leagues in one season. One team (our neighborhood team with all his friends) never let him pitch, only the coaches' sons pitched, and my son was lucky to play 3 innings a game. Ask him what his position was and he'd tell you "the bench". This team came in last place.

The other team (in an adjacent neighborhood)let my son pitch most every game and had him batting 3rd. The coach didn't know him from a whole in the wall, and I didn't know anyone which was great as it kept me away from the politics. This coach saw my son's potential & by the end of the season he was the star pitcher. They won the league championship and my son pitched the championship game! He doesn't want to play for the neighborhood team anymore, as he learned what it is like to be treated fairly by a coach.


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