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Re: Lunging

Posted by: Dan54 (Otterbein54@aol.com) on Thu Mar 25 10:19:31 2004

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew some drills to stop lunging and throwing basically all my weight and body forward.


One drill I like to use with my players/clients is a soft toss drill that places the tosser at a opposing 45 degree angle behind the batter. This drill kilss two birds with one stone: lunging and hitting inside pitches. The batter gets his separation (trigger slide/load, whatever) and stays in that spot throughout the drill. the tosser then tosses the ball out in front of the inside part of the plate. by being in the trigger slide/load position already, the batter should not stride, therefore teaching the hitter to hit the ball, especially and inside pitch, without over-striding/lunging.

note-also helps hitter stay inside the ball on inside pitches.

hope this helps a little!


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