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Re: Bulking Up

Posted by: Rich () on Fri Mar 26 20:27:32 2004

Are there any high calorie, healthy, energy drinks to help a player put on weight. My son is strong, tall, but is on the thin side & is about 40 pounds lighter than most of the top players on his teams, both baseball & basketball. The boys are growing like weeds, but my boy is not gaining weight like the other boys.

Hey JT,

1) lift weights 3x a week
2) eat at least 30 grams of protein 1 hour after lifting
3) eat healthy meals(small) 6 times a day
4) when lifting do HEAVY SQUATS. stimulates more testoaterone release.

5) don't eat white sugar
6) don't eat white flour
7) don't eat white salt

most important... keep a happy positive outlook on life. regards, Rich


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