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Re: Re: Power Field Orientation

Posted by: dougdinger () on Fri Mar 26 23:04:53 2004

Hi all,
> >
> > I unearthed an integral concept that will allow individuals will poor power to center and to right to increase the amount of home runs that they will produce. At this point in time, this idea is simply in its hypothetical form; therefore, I cannot offer quantitative quotes as to how this method will increase a hitter's productivity. Nevertheless, I can explain the delineation behind the proposition.
> >
> > Let's assume that a right-handed batter has the capability to hit a ball 375 feet to left field, 360 to left center, 345 to center, 330 to right center, and 315 to right. Now, let's suppose the home run distance to right is 330; to left center, 365; to center, 400; to right center, 365, and to right, 330. If the player hits 25 fly balls--5 balls as hard as he can to each field--he clears left by 45 feet, but falls 5 feet short on his hits to left center; 55 feet short on his shots to center; 35 feet short on his shots to right center; and, finally, 15 feet shorts on his fly balls to right.
> >
> > Now suppose he pulls every ball...Obviously, every hit would wind up a home run, and he would wind up hitting 20 more home runs than he did the previous year. What this hitter discovered is that the placement of fly balls is just as significant as how hard they are hit. By attempting to pull every pitch--a hitting taboo--this individual has given himself an advantage over other hitters. As a member of my family once said, a 375 foot fly ball does no good when directed toward center field.
> >
> > For this reason, I disagree with Mankin's belief that balls should be directed towards center field. He should, instand, encourage batters to take advantage of a system that allows them to pull both inside and outside pitches.
> >
> > Eventually, once a hitter masters batspeed.com's theories, he should try to pull all his balls.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > BHL
> > Knight1285@aol.com
> >
> > P.S. Mac's 62nd home run was an outside pitch pulled to left, into his power field (Ted Williams terminology).
> I suggest you write poetry.

Everyone's main goal in hitting is to hit home runs? Does that inlcude Ty Cobb, Ichiro, Dave Eckstein? Juan Pierre? I thought the main point was to hit the ball in fair territory and RUN AROUND THE BASES and score runs. They also invented bunting for a reason. And why should the little guy who can barely clear left field even bother trying for homers if he can't, or barely can hit any? Ted Williams says the same thing in his book. I think Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo are great hitters. They makes solid contact, run out hits, bunt for base hits or sacrifices, hit liners and grounders, and have pretty ugly swings, but they hit around 300 and how many homers did they hit last season? I think they are great hitters. Now if you're a guy like Bonds or Ruth, well then go for the fences if you're that godlike. And bad news BHL. Steroids will soon be banned-there won't be as many homers in the next few seasons. Yes the homerun is the best hit there is...the fielders can't throw or tag you out, the other team must watch helplessly as your round the bases. But there are 3 other bases and lots of grass or turf inbetween the two white lines and some of the best hitters use those too. Cobb, Ichiro, Pierre. I can make it over the fences only down the lines, and I just aim for solid line drives. If I get a little under the ball, it's a gapper. If I get a little under a gapper, that's what Mike Sweeney calls "a double gone awry", and it just might sail over the fence. The ball is moving too much and too fast to aim for a fly ball or long line drive anyway. That's why 45 of Bonds' 133 hits were homers. Somehow he got one base 236 other ways (88 non-homers, 148 walks) and managed to score 66 times without homers. He's hit nearly as many doubles as homers. That's why he's one of the best hitters ever. He can do EVERYTHING. Contact to all fields, godlike power, doubles, triples, singles, and homers and walks. Everything but the bunt he can do.
BHL if hitting the homer is the main point of hitting, when the count is 3-0, should we take the pitch, or try to crush it no matter the pitch and location to avoid a walk, no matter how silly you look? Hitting and bat speed aren't just about power. It's about solid contact. You have to hit the ball first before is flys over the fence. BHL , I'm curios about yours and others ideas and responses about power hitting.

As for your theory on pulling the ball, if you hit best as a pull hitter like Williams, then go for it ,like Williams did and don't hit to the other field. Same if you are like Pierre and are a better grounder/liner hitter, don't hit fly balls.
This should be pretty interesting debate. Responses welcome!


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