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Re: Thanks

Posted by: () on Sat Mar 27 18:25:55 2004

> > > >
> > > > That is absolutely ridiculous. The reason Mankin and other coaches stress trying to hit the ball to the ceter of the field is because this maintains proper bat path and other aspects of the swing. 99% of the time if a player is looking to pull the ball and it is an outside pitch, he will end up hitting a weak ground ball or flare to the outfield. Nice try, but your new philosophy is just plane dumb. I can say with confidence that there is probably not one major league player that has this approach when they hit. And...What if the player has better power to the opposite field (as some players do)? Would you tell them to try and hit an inside pitch the opposite way? Kind of tough to do?
> > >
> > > BHL, maybe in a previous life you were my coach! When I played it was your philosophy that got me to AAA baseball. I was an all-star throughout the minors, and only a knee injury that ended my career kept me from making the big show. You should produce a video, BHL because you are articulating something that few others have the knowledge to articulate.
> >
> > Hey BHL I saw that honerun by Mac, in person and I think you are right.Thers a lot of theories out there.Most of them have some good points but your collection of ideas over the past several weeks seems to be the most comprehensive.
> Dear Marvin, Ramon, and Frank,
> Thanks for the input. You have a clear understanding of the geometric importance of pulling every pitch--inside or outside--and the effect that it can have on a hitter's reputation. Good luck to all of you!
> Regards,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. Harmon Killebrew pulled nearly every pitch, a taboo in baseball. Yes, it did result in a lifetime average in the mid-.250's. But it also resulted in a frequency of 1 home run roughly every 14.28 at bats (if I get a chance, I'll look up the stats, and give you exact figures, rather than estimates). He wound up hitting 573 home runs. And it is usually power numbers that deifies baseball players!

What percentage does Bonds pull?


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