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Re: Re: Re: Bulking Up

Posted by: () on Sun Mar 28 07:11:13 2004

I know this is a hitting site, my son's a baseball player & his weight will start affecting his hitting as the other boys are getting stronger. It's all related. We're able to discuss other topics related to hitting & baseball on this site, like baseball politics, etc. This is related too.
> He's too young to lift weights. Just looking for some suggestions to learn if others have this problem too & if they were able to solve it.

There are quite a few exercises that don't require weights. Puhs-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, ricebucket, and any abdominal exercise. Also back extensions. And don't forget to feed him lots of carbs. Hope this helps. If not, try the new training forum at www.hsbaseballweb.com. Kerry there should be able to answer your questions.


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