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Power Field Orientation

Posted by: Coach C () on Mon Mar 29 07:15:35 2004


I'd like to offer a my spin on why trying to pull the ball may help.

First off....from a confidence stand-point it's a stong feeling to know that if a pitcher comes inside one can hit it.....this potentially puts one nearer the plate, making the outside pitch less of a factor "ala Bonds".

Secondly....front side dominance....lead side pulling (lead hip), inside/out approach takes away a lot of power. I feel that learning how to pull a ball potentially activates more of the back-side. I have a strong sense that the bulk of my power comes when the front side stays quite at foot landing and the back-side explodes through.

Lastly.....There is no hitting theory out there that can lay claim to greatness (so you don't have to defend yourself against the critics), but I will say this.......if it works for you.....DO IT!!!

One last thought.....this approach may not solve the problem for all hitters, because of the front side dominance issue, but as a general rule........I agree with you because it instantly changes the hitters mindset as being more aggressive.........which I love!!!!

Take care,

Coach C


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