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Re: Rich--My Personal

Posted by: Rich () on Mon Mar 29 19:37:08 2004

Hi Rich,
> Here is the ?personal success? that I acquired by using my ?pull every pitch? philosophy.
> To be honest with you, I did not participate in sports during my scholastic career, even though I recognized my athletic ability, for the fact that I wanted to focus on school. My mother, a teacher, loves sports, but always asked me: ?What good is money if you don?t know how to use it wisely?? This is why I always put academics ahead of athletics.
> However, during my last year of college in 1998, I began to take interest in slow pitch softball; as a result, I tried out for a spot on the Gurgling Path on the Independent League, and impressed the coach so much that he requested that I bat ?clean-up? in the lineup. At that point in time, I bought into the Ferroli principle of ?pulling my inside pitch,? and, for good measure, it just so happened that the coach was enamored by the wisdom that his book contained as well. In 100 at bats that season, I had 30 hits (10 doubles, 1 triple, and 10 homers), ascertained 72 total bases, slugged .720, homered once every 10.00 at bats, and maintained a .300 average. The dimensions of the field were 320 to left field, 340 to left center, 360 to center, 340 to right center, and 320 to right. Now, the furthest I can hit a softball consistently is 340+ feet to the pull field, but I used strategy to inflate my statistics. Although the batter in the three spot received most of the laud for his superb season, I received an honorable mention from my coach.
> However, one year later, I wound up on a new team, and things took a turn for the worse, since the coach deified Hriniak, and believed in ?hitting to all fields.? I developed major flaws in my swing mechanics, and, by the end of the season, accumulated 79 at bats, hitting safely only 20 times (11 doubles 1 triple 3 home runs), amassed 44total bases, slugged .557, hit a home run once every 26.33 times at bat, and batted .259. In this case scenario, I did not take advantage of the pull field, and only my slugging percentage kept me on as a reserve on the team. Frustrated, the coach and I got into a profanity match, and I quit the Secret Creek.
> I made my return four years hence, and told myself: ?I was going to pull every pitch to my liking.? Although the Midnight Fog coach was skeptical at my suggestion, he allowed me to implement my own philosophy at the plate. This time, I pulled every pitch that I timed right for a home run, and the mis-hits resulted in extra base hits. To be specific numerically, in 79 at bats, I hit safely 72 times (25 doubles, 4 triples, and 40 home runs), picked up 225 total bases, slugged 2.320, hit a home run once every 2.43 at bats, and had a .742 batting average. Since I go by the nickname Black Hole Lexicographer, my team awarded me with a Silver Funnel Award, an obvious pun for the Silver Slugger Award.
> That?s when I understood what batting strategy is all about.
> Sincerely,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. In 2002, a pitcher with a 95+ heater takes me to the field, and challenges me to hit his fastball. Well, I pulled it over the left field fence. Moreover, I took the Mo Vaughn Approach, and (as one commentator noticed) wore football padding so that if he hit my by accident I could laugh it off! As of now, I am a player-manager on an independent team.
> Hey BHL,

I'd say that you've got the swing figured out pretty darn good!!

You're next challenge should be fastpitch... wadda ya think?

How close to the plate do you stand? i'm guessing 6", right?

Nice thread you started. talk at you later, highest regards, Rich


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