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Re: Answers Please...

Posted by: Phil () on Tue Mar 30 06:19:43 2004

Dear Mr. BHL,
> It seems that your preposterous theory has attracted much attention. However, I still have not come across one post in which you respond to the arguments in a "logical," shall we say, manner. Although your poetry is quite amusing, it would be nice, since the purpose of this site is to debate hitting philosophies, if you explained to us how your philosophy will address the questions that have been posed by your aggressors. No where have you explained how the hitter is going to deal with offspeed pitches or successfully hit outside pitches. I must also add that your theory (which you posted on "BATSPEED.com" goes against maximizing batspeed. Do you understand this, or is your understanding of rotational mechanics not what you believe it to be? I would appreciate a sensible response to these questions. Thank you.

I think he has given the answers, you just don't want to take the time to digest them. If you ever were to get in the batter's box you would discover that the typical distance down the lines is 330 feet but centerfield the distance is 400 feet. I would be willing to sacrifice a minute amount of batspeed to hit the ball over a 330 foot fence rather than have a little more batspeed but hit a fly ball out to cf. Of course, one has to play the game in order to understand this.


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