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Re: Re: Secret to hitting an outside pitch.

Posted by: tinom () on Tue Mar 30 08:55:32 2004

> It’s been interesting reading the thread that BHL started about pulling the ball.
> >
> > I tend to believe that most hitters are best suited and more productive to their team by using the whole field. However if the goal is to hit home runs, the outfield dimensions dictate that you are certainly better off pulling the ball at every opportunity.
> >
> > I don’t think anyone can disagree that a hitter is better off hitting a 360 foot popup down the line for a homerun than to center field for an easy out.
> >
> > Most people also agree that pulling every outside pitch, especially against good pitching is counter-productive.
> >
> > When presented with a paradigm, many people tend to limit themselves by their own constraints. This is often the case when talking about hitting an outside pitch.
> >
> > If we think outside of the box, instead of saying that all pitches should be pulled or the other approach that “outside” pitches shouldn’t be pulled, an obvious solution may be to put the hitter in a situation where he faces less “outside” pitches.
> >
> > First of all, what is considered an outside pitch? Are we talking about a pitch on the outside part of the strike zone or is an outside pitch just a pitch that a hitter can’t hit up the middle or pull?
> >
> > The fact is that it is acceptable that the same “outside” pitch to two hitters could end up with two different but equally planned results. The first batter hits an opposite field single and the other, pulls a homerun.
> >
> > The two different results I cited above could be from several factors. … Or it could be that simply the second hitter simply stood closer to the plate so that the “outside” pitch wasn’t the same pitch location as the first hitter saw.
> >
> > My personal observation is that most hitters who struggle with the outside pitch are too far from the plate.
> >
> > My theory on handling outside pitches is quite simple. Learn how to get your bat through on an inside pitch.
> >
> > When you can, get on the plate and face less “outside” pitches.
> The Bonds solution.

It is one thing to say PULL the outside pitch or GO WITH IT to the opposite field and a totally different discussion when you start talking about HOW TO. If you in fact want to PULL the ball, getting closer to the plate and using similar mechanics as you use to hit an inside pitch is a good plan if you are able to handle the inside gas. However if you are going to go the opposite way, then adjustments need to made like increasing the swing radius, loading longer, changing the body posture, etc. Most people/batters/coaches teach going the opposite way by encouraging disconnection and throwing the hands stuff. Not a very good approach, IMO.


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