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Re: buying the right batt for the batter

Posted by: Rich () on Tue Mar 30 20:15:22 2004

Iam sure that having the right size and weight of batt for each indiviual batter is very important.I cant seem to find anyone who can tell me if there is any rule or guide lines for this please help... 11 years and 2 yrs in majors thank you

Hey Cristina,

The bat that you want to swing should be the longest and the heaviest that you can generate the most batspeed.

The only sure way to find this out is to have your swing timed with a radar gun. start light and work up. i'd get to the point where an added ounce only slows you up a little. the added ounce will help your power and you will gain the strength needed to get your speed back up just by the act of swinging a heavier bat.

If you don't have access to a gun then you'll have to use your subjective opinion or feel.

Good luck, Rich


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