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"Pull Philosophy"--for Jack / John

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Tue Mar 30 22:36:40 2004

Hi All,

It seems as if my proposed theory is getting a plethora of positive feedback. I want everyone to know that I reviewed the information on this site again, watched my Final Arc II DVD, and read the corresponding booklet.

The thing that I was amazed with was how Mankin advocates a centerfield approach. Seen in this light, although his explanation of CHP. BHT, and THT was rather thorough, I find it ironic that he would have a hitter gear most of his or hits towards centerfield, where a fly ball is usually an out.

In one of the posts, one individual pointed this out to others. He demonstrated my point exactly: a 350 foot ball pulled into the bleachers is far better than a well-hit ball caught in front of the center field fence. I can only imagine how many individuals lost potential home runs in the old Yankee Stadium using this approach.

It would have been much better if they tried to pull the ball down the line, as Mel Ott did. Polo Grounds was rather deep in center field; however, with few exeptions (e.g., Griffith Stadium), the dimensions in many ball parks are conducive to pull hitting.

Nevertheless, in order to take advantage of the "natural field," one must do what SBK suggested (i.e., stand closer to the plate), and use the correct batting mechanics.

Viewed from this perspective, using THT to hit middle-away pitches, rather than hitting it the other way, will give an individual, as Elliot points out, a greater amount of batspeed.

Where Mankin and I disagree is that balls should be hit to center, where there is much less margin for error, as opposing to pulling the ball, where even a broken bat home run (e.g., Frank Thomas) can end up over the fence.


P.S. Your input Jack? John?


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