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The Stride and The Curveball

Posted by: Tony () on Wed Mar 31 10:35:55 2004

I was reading an article about hitting a 90 mile per hour fastball, and the article mentioned out of a videotape study of 29 professional hitters during batting practice and it found that all the players took a step as the pitcher released the ball: a quick step for a fastball, and a slower step for offspeed. After the stride, the batter is set to swing, and holds back if he does not like the pitch. I have been taught that you must stride before the ball is released or it will be impossible to hit the fastball, but I have found it hard to keep the hands back for a curveball. I find the first theory would make hitting seem easier, but if the stride is mistimed, I would be burned. So.... two questions:

1. Which theory for the stride is more correct and is used by the great hitters in today's game like A-Rod, Nomar, etc.?

2. What can I do to improve my curveball struggles - what do the pros do? I could look for it but I would get burned on the fastball, what will help me hit the curveball better?

The link for the page I mentioned before: http://www.writingschool.com/timperrin/articles/baseball.htm




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