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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Derek Jeter - Major flaw

Posted by: Harry () on Sat Sep 4 06:57:55 2004

> How does a bat get perpendicular to the ground and have the knob facing the pitcher.
> > >
> > > I'm sorry, I meant parallel to the ground.
> >
> > Just how do you describe the swing plane?
> Jeter's swing plane is excellent, I have definitely noticed the flaw described, and would say that it doesn't effect his precision (ba) in the least bit, but holds his power numbers down. When his body starts rotating, the knob of the bat is almost facing fair territory, where as every single other major leaguer I've ever seen has the knob facing away from the field. (Never mind that I work with a guy that teaches his kids to point the knob to the first baseman, because it's a shorter distance to the ball...pet peeve). But he is an amazing athlete and can overcome mechanical flaws. He also dives into home plate more than anyone in mlb, and also has his back elbow in the least extended position at contact of anyone in mlb as well. But then again, he's going to have his face on a plaque in Cooperstown in 15 years. But, yes I have noticed the position of his knob at launch.

Teacherman and others, if you read the material at this site on tht and bht I think it will give you some insight as to what is going on with Jeter's swing.


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