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Re: Re: Game situation problems

Posted by: () on Wed Sep 8 11:13:48 2004

>>> hi, about a month ago I ordered the final arc. I have been practicing the drills and my swing has improved dramatically. I was never able to hit against 90mph in the batting cages and now I'm hitting shots. In batting practice I'm constantly hitting the ball out of the park. My problem is that when it comes to game situations, I'm not swinging right. I think I a little too tense and instead of applying the normal principals, I tend to tighten up, wait too long and take a weak hack that either doesn't connect or is a popup to the pitcher. Has anyone had the same problem? If so, how did you overcome that? Thanks a lot. <<<

> Hi Ryan
> Most good hitters start getting their timing and rhythm for the swing during the pitcher’s windup. After the pitcher releases the ball, a 90 mph fastball does not allow near enough time for setting up a good rhythm. If you are practicing in the batting cage with a pitching machine set at 90 mph, what timing sequence, or trigger, are you using? Does that timing sequence change from the machine to game situations?
> Jack Mankin

Thanks for your interest in helping Jack. At the batting cage I go to, there is a red dot that blinks about 1 second before I the ball is released. I'm able to develop a good rythm using that. One fault in game situations is I've never been able to time the pitcher properly so I start my swing after the release and the result is a weak swing just to make contact. I think the big thing for me is that I don't know when to stride or what to look for in the pitchers delivery. Thanks a lot for your help, lookiing forward to your response.


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