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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: andy () on Wed Sep 29 17:17:04 2004

> I said top /middle part of the ball .How many real home run hitters are there out there?I used to instruct with the Doyle Baseball school in florida early 90's. I have seen plenty of hitters from all ages through that experience.The most common problems that i saw was the uppercut,incorrect approach to the ball, and hitting off the front foot.This device had an instant effect in helping these common problems.I know there is a number of bad habits out there ,and i have also heard that the ultimate batting tee has helped those to.This device can help with the swing ,and rotational mechanics that are being tought today. ERIK LASEKE


I agree that your device can help the common youth uppercut. I've used it at camps. I'm just pointing some common mistakes I hear from little league parents, i.e., swing down AND hit the top of the ball. Put those two together and you got a weak ground ball. The irony of the downswing is that a line drive can only be produced by hitting the bottom of the ball. I know, I was unfortunately taught that swing in college and pro ball (Sheffield-style backspin) and I'm getting away from it now as an instructor. But those are cues (down and top of the ball) not really based in reality, just to correct a tendency of dropping the barrel too far below the ball. Kind of like if I had a slice in golf, I would try to feel a hook without actually producing one.


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