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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: ERik laseke (djump255@aol.com) on Wed Sep 29 19:09:04 2004


I think the angle adjustment bar can help this product handle hitting to much on top of the ball.I designed this hitting device oringinaly without a tee,this allows more space for leveling out.I incorporated the tee on the end to have a object to hit to see results.Again, this was oringinaly designed as a swing training device at the time i had instructed with the doyle baseball school.This product works and we have made changes to this product to make it handle other swing planes.I don't agree with you on the only way to hit a line drive being bottom part of the ball .Maybe middle /bottom .I also believe that all good hitters need back hand /forehand control to become better hitters that's another topic.ERIK LASEKE


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