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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: () on Fri Oct 1 05:58:56 2004

I would like to ask you a question.Do you think jr works on upper cutting the ball as a training drill?Also,do you think ken griffey sr promotes jr to swing up when he is training and working with him?I hope you know the answer to these questions.The ultimate batting tee is also endorsed by ken griffey sr.The ultimate batting tee helps promote a positive approach to the ball.Will ken griffey jr swing the same every time after using this device ?NO,this device just helps elimimate poor approaches that start when a hitter starts to approach the swing.All good hitters have to take the barrell down to the ball with their hands and rotational mechanics. How else can you get the barrell to the back side of the ball?The ultimate batting tee isn't going to cause you to swing the same way all the time.The ultimate batting tee is going to help hitters approaches with the start of the swing.Will a hitter be able to hit home runs after using this device?Why not,see jr is a better hitter when he isn't thinking long ball all the time that gets all hitters in trouble wouldn't you agree?The ultimate batting tee will help hitters .The angle adjustment improvement will help power hitters achieve their goals.The ultimate batting tee will help all instructors they just need to be aware of this devices purposes.I can be reached anytime to help explain the purposes .(513)616-3611 ERIL LASEKE


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