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Re: Re: Re: Re: grip

Posted by: Jaime (jaimewildshark@aol.com) on Thu Jan 20 19:15:49 2005

>>> Jack,
Thanks for the info on the grip and opinion of the elbow. My son has tried different grips and elbow postions this past week. He has decided to go with an elevated elbow because of the sense for a quicker initial acceleration of the bat and to stay with his old knocking knuckles aligning grip. He says that grip gives him a better feeling for power through the ball. If his performance off the tee is any indication I would have to concur with him. My reason for opening this discussion was because our travel coach thought my son, as did I, might be wrapping the bat too much. After a week of experimenting with various grips and a high elbow position perhaps wrapping the bat with a knocking knuckle alignment grip isn't so bad. When we held a bat with a choked grip and placed the bat in a wrapped position it gave both of us the sensation of a weaker and slower swing. However when we did the same thing with the knuckle aligning grip the sensation was one of power and speed. His swing off the tee is definately quicker using his old grip vs a choke grip. We have concluded if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

We're looking forward to sending for one of your swing analysis. Thanks, I can sleep again!


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