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the hook

Posted by: BMill (brumil2@hotmail.com) on Sat Jan 22 16:46:53 2005

After changing my daughter to the rotational swing ( it took almost a year (because of knob to the ball type teaching for years) before she incorporated most everything, quick shoulders being the last obstacle to over come). I still am having a problem with that last part of the swing which you call "hooking the bat". To me it just seems you just follow through naturally, but you seem to indicate that it is something more than that. I want to incorporate this into my daughter's swing but since I can't seem to feel it I need help in teaching it. Any suggestions.
(By the way she did this in her senior year in high school and now is playing college ball- she went from weak ground balls to line drive doubles- Jack--Thanks for your intelligent study of the swing)


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