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Re: Re: Need advice on a bat

Posted by: Louis G. (gonzaleslouis@hotmail.com) on Sat Jan 22 22:31:14 2005

Thanks Jack for the response.... Please rest assure I'm not promoting any product... if you can suggest another brand or type of bat
I should look at...I would definetly consider... I just copied the manufactor'ss descrioption of their product and placed it hear to give you the full details.... I tried to delete all names and model numbers that would lead one to believe I was trying to promote any bat..... Anyhow I think this particular bat is way over priced and I just wanted to get an opinion if you thought it would work well with your program and was worth the overpriced costs...that's all.

By the way ...I just recieved the video and I am watching it now...(seems like I've been teaching my son some wrongs ques...) I am going start to incorporate your program as soon as possible- Thanks.
Louis G.


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