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Re: re: when to stride?

Posted by: Andy () on Mon Jan 24 11:12:01 2005

I think that it's more important to think about when to complete the stride rather than when to start it. Most hitters have different mechanisms to get started, some with a lot of motion that takes a long time (think Sosa), others with very little starting motion/weight transfer (Moises Alou). But the one constant seems to be that good hitters all plant their front foot, thereby starting rotation, at the same time, which seems to be when the ball is approximately half way between the pitcher and home plate (probably a little closer to home). So a stride/starting mechanism needs to be adjusted as to be completed at that point in time. The more time it takes to get going, the earlier you start, etc. But always plant the foot on time. And no, do not stride and swing at the same time.

Ted Williams says to stride as the ball is just above the pitchers right shoulder, stride lightly. Baseball world says to stride early and wait. Dusty didn't say when, but how. My sons coach says to stride and swing at the same time. What's your take on it?


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