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Re: the hook

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Jan 27 20:10:34 2005

>>> You have spent so time trying to debunk the whip, that I think you failed to understand how it works, and how it works in the swing.

The hands and arms are a link in the whip, but they are not the driving force in the swing. <<<

Hi Shawn

I stated, “Shoulder rotation flings, or whips, the hands into a circular path, which induces an angular displacement rate to the bat.” What in that statement infers that I believe the hands and arms is the driving force in the swing? I have always maintained that the hands remain back and are flung by shoulder rotation and not from the muscles of the arms.

You stated, “The hips and trunk (legs) are the whip handle, not the arms or hands.” Are you saying the whip handle rotates vertically like the axis?

I am willing to let the readers of this thread determine for themselves what principles of the “crack of the whip” theory are relevant to the baseball/softball swing and which ones are not.

Jack Mankin


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